Cultural Information :

Craft Market : Opened in May 1990 , the market works on display in the halls of local artisans as well as various parts of the province . A museum invites you to discover the various cultural events in the area, while he who so desires can purchase regional products in this space of your choice.
The Old Winery: cultural hall where a wide variety of events unfolds. Cinema, theater , folklore shows , art shows , exhibitions , lectures, conferences , allowed here to protect, preserve and express the regional culture.
Mayu Rumi Museum : exhibits elements of the Neolithic era , such as ceremonial axes ; various articles of the colonial era , most notably mortars, grocery stores, rafts ; and rural tools . It is the fruit of long years of work by the Flores family determined to express local history.
Mayu River Rumi means stone, and is located on National Highway No. 75 .